True hunting real wild boars in preserve, Ontario Canada, references. USA

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July31, 2009  



8th November 1999

Dear Tony and Sue:

Just a short note from the boys from Ottawa (Paul, Dave and Derrick) to
thank you for a wonderful hunt and a great time. We really enjoyed ourselves.
Your hospitality was outstanding and I hope you found us safe and responsible
hunters. We all look forward to seeing you and doing it again!

Thanks again,

Dave Hidson
Paul & Derrick McLenachan

5th December 2000

Hi Tony and Sue,

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help and Hospitality. Rex, and Brian, and myself all had a great time at the hunt and the way it was handled was perfect for what we were looking for. Also I wanted to let you know that the butcher that you sent our meat to did an incredible job. We had no idea that we would have so much meat. Again we were very pleased with our experience at your facility, and we will definitely recommend your place to everyone. Again thank you for everything and if there is anything you need as far as a referral or anything at all just let me know. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your year, and Holidays.

Tony Farmer

Technical Recruiter

Design-Synergy Corporation

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