Gourmet Wild Boar Cuts

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July31, 2009  


Gourmet Wild Boar Cuts


        Loin Chops            Proscuttio                Bacon                    Smoked Hams            Whole Leg        Lard

        Loin Roasts           Shoulder Chops      Leg Steaks             Pepperoni                   Butt Chops        Tongue

        Whole Racks        Sausages                 Shoulder Roasts    Dried Sausages          Hocks                Heart

        Ribs                        Pepperettes            Leg Roasts              Tenderloin                   Ears                   Liver

        Ground                Belly Roast                Butt Roasts            Frenched Racks          Kidney


        If there is a specialty cut you'd like but don't see here, we can have it prepared on the next whole order.  Email us for an approximate time frame when it should be ready.

        Retail prices from $9.49 /lb. 

        Fresh sides available upon request at  $5.99 /lb dressed.

        Wholesale from $2.99 /lb live and we'll take to the local abattoir.  Place order in advance.               

        Email for more details.


                                    ~~    Happy Eating~~





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