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July31, 2009  


Hunting Wild boar

Come and experience the rush of hunting wild boar in its natural habitat.
Wild boar hunting!Snowflakes are slowly drifting down onto the already heavily laden cedar branches. There is a deathly silence in the dark forest ... but he is there ... you know it - you can feel it. Somewhere beyond that thick wall of brushes lurks the beast you have been tracking so painstakingly carefully. A wild boar! Suddenly his growl shatters the silence! You feel the rush as the pounding of your heart rings loud in your ears. Your rifle whips up to your shoulder. Where is he? Your eyes hastily scan the bush - where is he?! There! He puffs steam out his nostrils and angrily paws the ground. The scope magnifies the beast so close you can see the black fury in his eyes. You gasp! He has been studying you all this time! Your sweaty hands are trembling as your fingers start slowly squeezing the trigger. But - a crash of thunder and breaking branches...... !!!

Stalking, preferred by most hunters, is exciting and tense for hunting wild boar. Sometimes finding a good spot to hide on a well used trail and waiting works well too. There are also lots of big trees if one wants to set up a tree stand.  Whatever your preference we know we can provide you with an exciting and pleasurable hunt.  You will be tracking and hunting wild boar in variable bush, with a creek running through it. Wild boar Reserve, well known for world class trophies,  is unique in character in that it allows you to hunt in a perfectly natural, undisturbed environment, large enough to challenge your skills for an adventure lasting several hours. Your pray is genuine German wild boar from the Black Forest in Germany.

Safety: To ensure that your hunting experience with us is a happy one, we emphasize hunting safety. For every hunt we have an armed guide available.

For the new hunter, we can provide help, tips, and full guidance.

  Wildboar Reserve is a private hunting ground and therefore there is no off season. Hunting permits or game tags are not required.

Your success is guaranteed.  Our guides have many hunts under their belts and have learned many techniques which have proven successful in the hunt.

  Use a rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader, bow or crossbow. For rifles we recommend any .30 caliber or up.  For shotguns, use  slugs or sabots only.  No buckshots. Muzzleloaders are proven to be very effective. For archery, you will need a broadhead, the sharper the better.

  Whatever your choice, we promise that you will leave Wildboar Reserve with incredibly delicious wild boar meat, your trophy, and the memories of an unforgettable hunting day!

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