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July31, 2009  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the wild boar hunt work?

A: We provide the best wild boar hunting opportunities around.  It is very challenging!  Only the boars that you are hunting are in the bush. Many other natural wildlife frequent the bush such as wild turkey, grouse, rabbits, white tailed deer, ducks, geese, etc.

The most common way of hunting wild boar is by stalking. This is the most difficult and exciting way to track a wild boar. Occasionally you hear the boars before you can see them. Sometimes one stumbles on fresh tracks and tries to follow. Even in the summer, tracking sometimes works. Quiet stalking with keen ears and eyes is the most effective way of hunting the wild boar.  You're welcome to try tree stand hunting too.

Q: How long are the hunts?

A:  Hunts are one day events.  More days are available for larger groups upon request.  The actual hunt usually lasts for several hours and tracking dogs are often called in to find the wild boar.  If one prefers shorter hunts we can call in the dogs much earlier in the day to help speed up the sightings and to give you more opportunities to shoot.  Plan on a good full day of adventure.  For long distance travellers we recommend staying overnight the night before the hunt so that you are well rested for a good day's workout as well as after the hunt to relax, especially if you'd like your meat professionally packaged to take home with you.

Q: Can I come from the States to hunt on your reserve?

A:  We get a number of hunters from different parts of USA.  Hunters can bring long firearms to CANADA for hunting.  Handguns unfortunately are not allowed.  Archery is allowed too, across the border. Taking the meat back to the States with you is OK, too.  We will provide the proper papers to take with you.

Hunters from other countries including the States have been very pleased with the quality of our boars and with the challenge of the hunt.  Nothing beats hunting the real thing, a purebred wild boar that's wild and delicious to the core!

Q: I fly my own private plane, is there an airport nearby where I can land?

A: Yes, there is a small runway only about 10 minutes from our location.  We can arrange to have you picked up from the local airfield.

Q: What happens if I just can't get the wild boar?

A: Have faith in yourself!   But, should you request it, WildBoar Reserve can guarantee your success.  In the late afternoon (or when you request), after you have already tried your luck we will bring in tracking boar dogs to locate the wild boar.  When a wild boar is found you can take it while the wild boar is distracted by the barking.  No one goes home without getting their boars first.

Q: What is the best time to hunt wild boar?

A: Hunting for the challenge (and the meat) is very good all year round. Trophy boars have the best fur from November till April. Hunting is most challenging from July till October, in strong natural cover (leaves, grass etc.). Snow makes tracking very interesting in the winter and it creates an atmosphere that truly fits the occasion.

Q: What size gun can I use?

A: For rifle, shotgun, archery, or muzzle loading information, see our hunting page.

Q: Do you have a minimum age for a hunter?

A: We recommend a minimum age of 16 years for an inexperienced hunter. Seasoned hunters with an adult companion can be considered at younger age.

Q: How safe is wild boar hunting?

A: Any use of weapons can be dangerous, but if safety rules are followed, we believe the following to be true:

 - Younger/smaller wild boars are as safe as deer hunting and can be recommended to even a beginner hunter.

 - Older/bigger wild boars are getting more challenging and they can hurt a hunter more seriously if in a mood to charge. Experienced hunters find hunting of this size wild boar very challenging and exciting.

- Big trophy boars with large tusks are deadly and are to be hunted by an experienced hunter only with a lot of respect and caution with a guide or a partner close by.

 We have had no hunting injuries this far and we are committed to do our best to continue the safe hunting of wild boars.

For additional information on basic hunting safety, see our hunting page.

Q: What's included in the price of a wild boar?

A: The basic price buys you a wild boar, there is no charge for you to hunt it but tips are appreciated.  We will do all field dressing and skinning of the wild boars for you (see pricing page).

Q: How much should I tip?

A: It is common practice to tip the host or hostess 5 to 10% of hunt price.  Some of those that have already been here have opted to give gifts instead.  Items such as a set of antlers, buffalo throw, a weather vain, fancy pottery bird house, Courvoisier with special glasses, venison & elk meat, and many more have all been given by generous hunters. Many have brought good quality liquors such as Finlandia Vodka, Canadian Club, Crown Royal, St. Remy, etc.  One fellow, hunting with WildBoar Reserve for the first time, lent us his ATV for two weeks!  After that we got spoiled to the convenience and now have our own ATV's.  All tips are graciously accepted and go towards making your next hunt even more memorable.

Q: Are there any accommodations available?

A: The Pritty Place Bed and Breakfast, for a cozy atmosphere and a great home cooked breakfast, is located within 12 minutes.  The Homestead Resort with private log cabins on a small secluded lake is only 20 minutes away.

Q: What are the arrangements for butchering?

A: We will skin and field dress (gut out) your catch at our facilities for you ready for your own butcher to cut and wrap.  Or we have a professional butcher nearby that can cut, wrap and freeze your wild boar.  He does an excellent job - e.g. boneless roasts, smoking, etc.  He can even vacuum pack your meat.  We highly recommend him.

Q: Is camo required for the hunting?

A: Camo can be used, but it is not absolutely necessary. It has some benefits with difficult hunts and almost a must for archery.

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