Hunting wild boar, real European, in Reserve ON Canada. Wild boar hunting

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July31, 2009  


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   Wild Boar hunting is CLOSED  

Wild boar hunting at it's best! Hunting wild boar in rugged woods. Savage, trophy wild boar hunting for daring hunter. Young, spirited wild boar hunting for novice hunter. True European wild boar for rifle hunting or bow hunting in exciting, natural bush with a creek winding through the valley.

Come and experience the rush of hunting real wild boar in its natural habitat!

Snowflakes are slowly drifting down onto the already heavily laden cedar branches. There is a deathly silence in the dark forest ... but he is there ... you know it - you can feel it. Somewhere beyond that thick wall of brushes lurks the beast you have been tracking so painstakingly carefully. A wild boar! Suddenly his growl shatters the silence! You feel the rush as the pounding of your heart rings loud in your ears. Your rifle whips up to your shoulder. Where is he? Your eyes hastily scan the bush - where is he?! There! He puffs steam out his nostrils and angrily paws the ground. The scope magnifies the beast so close you can see the black fury in his eyes. You gasp! He has been studying you all this time! Your sweaty hands are trembling as your fingers start slowly squeezing the trigger. But - a crash of thunder and breaking branches...... !!!       Come over and experience the thrill first hand! 

WildBoar Reserve is dedicated to provide hunters of all experience levels " real wild boar hunting ". From safe hunting of young wild boar for beginner hunters to ultimate daring of older, savage trophy wild boar for the thrill seekers.

The WildBoar Reserve is located near Mount Forest, only 60 miles north-west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The actual hunting grounds "Wild Boar Wilderness" is hidden in a secluded valley with a trout creek winding through it.

For reservation call Tony or Sue at

(519) 323-XXXX

The best time to call is between 6 pm - 9 pm, EST,

or e-mail at


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